Homebrewer of the Year Cup

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The HBA Homebrewer of the Year Cup is awarded each year to the most active/winning club member. All members are welcome to participate. Members are responsible for reporting their points to the competition director (Robert Giaquinta). Points are awarded only for entries in AHA sanctioned competitions and HBA competitions.

view here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ajfalq4MEdsydGw4OV9McTJMN2luSEtUS1d1WXZEaWc#gid=0

each entry into HBA Club-Only Comp, Dredhop, NHC, and HBA Iron Brewer = 1 point
Club-Only/Iron Chef Competition winner = 1 point
AHA/CoC/DH/NHC competition medals (BOS/G/S/B) = 3/3/2/1 points
NHC final round medals = 3/3/2/1

Points accrue over each calendar year, with the exception of Dredhop, which serves as the final competition and award ceremony (ie. Dredhop 2013 points are applied to 2012 calendar year so that our competition is the final round, and award can be given at awards ceremony.)